Meet Brenda Tobin-Flood, our Veterinary Homeopath.

She is available to help you and your pets. Her consultations are done on the phone or on Skype/FaceTime so your pet is not feeling stressed and she can evaluate them in the comfort of your home.

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Brenda Tobin-Flood

More About Brenda

Brenda Tobin, D.Vet.Hom, Cert.C.N. fell in love with animals as a young girl. She would often rescue small animals she would find injured, one time even helping an injured seagull! Noticing her love for animals, her mother found a High School where Brenda could study animal science. She went on to earn her certification in Canine Nutrition and from there developed Ruby’s Naturals, an all natural pet treat for dogs, cats and horses which is sold in Whole Foods Market, Amazon and specialty stores throughout the East Coast. She continued on to earn degrees as a homeopathic practitioner and received a full scholarship to a veterinary homeopathy program which she finished at the top of her class. Brenda is a Reiki Master and certified as an Animal Reiki Practitioner.

Homeopathy, nutrition, herbs, essential oils and Reiki are just some of the areas that Brenda supports her animal clients, which range from domestic to exotic. Brenda’s goal is to work with the animal’s owner to help achieve homeostasis or balance within the animals entire system. Brenda states, “I look to support the whole animal in mind, body and spirit primarily through homeopathic medicine with additional counseling in nutrition and supplemental support strengthening the compromised immune system.” Brenda is not a licensed veterinarian and her treatment plans are not intended to replace your pet’s veterinarian care but complement it so your pets enjoy the best health they can.

Spending most of her life in Massachusetts, Brenda now lives in South Carolina with her son, Jack, on their hobby farm which consists of three horses, a miniature donkey, two pot belly pigs, two cats, a Great Dane, chickens, a new baby goat, and one bearded dragon. Brenda also loves to cook and enjoys nature and working on her garden.

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