Heart Math: Expanding your Heart Connections

HeartMath provides tools that connect us with the heart of “who we truly are” for living healthier, fulfilling lives and building a brighter future.

Since 1991, the HeartMath Institute has researched and developed reliable, scientifically based tools to help people bridge the connection between their hearts and minds, and deepen their connection with the hearts of others.

New research shows the human heart is much more than an efficient pump that sustains life. Our research suggests the heart also is an access point to a source of wisdom and intelligence that we can call upon to live our lives with more balance, greater creativity and enhanced intuitive capacities. All of these are important for increasing personal effectiveness, improving health and relationships and achieving greater fulfillment.

Heart Math

Typical Benefits People Notice With Two Weeks of Genuine Practice:

  • More ease and inner peace
  • Better sleep
  • Increased composure and calm
  • Less friction in relationships
  • More alertness
  • Better focus and decision making
  • More positive attitudes
  • Deeper connection with one’s authentic self

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed, anxious and scattered. The Inner Balance™ sensor for Android and iPhone trains you to shift and replace emotional stress with emotional balance and coherence.

Discover Heart Math in the office, make an appointment to try it out!

If you like what you see, you can set up a couple of appointments so you feel comfortable with using the technology, eventually leading to you purchasing your own device to run on your smart phone or tablet, anytime, anywhere.

See below and pick the one that matches your preference.

Inner Balance Bluetooth Sensor for iOS and Android devices

Inner Balance Bluetooth Sensor for iOS and Android devices

The Inner Balance shown here uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone or tablet. Works for iOS (Apple) and Android.

Inner Balance Sensor for iOS - Lightning

Inner Balance Sensor for iOS - Lightning

This Inner Balance is connected with a cable, instead of using Bluetooth. Works with iOS (Apple) iPhones or iPads only. Both Bluetooth and wired version offer the very same experience.