Energy: feed your inner light.

September 28, 2015

What is energy?

Energy is what many long to have more of... as the afternoon wears on, to just get through the day. It is what beaming parents marvel at, as they watch their toddlers run and run and run.... wishing they could bottle it up!

Keeping our personal energy up requires working on many fronts at the same time:

  • replenish energy with appropriate movement; healthy, nutritious foods and a lot of good, clean water
  • hanging out with people who lift you up, motivate you and make you feel valued and happy
  • doing what you love and loving what you do... Fueling your creativity enhances your energy (and vice versa...)

Beyond what we perceive as our personal energy, quantum physicists have shown us that energy is what everything is made of: rocks, grass, water, humans, animals, atoms and particles... Nothing is solid and everything is energy.

We are big bags of cells made of and run by energy, we connect to each other and to the world's energy around us, our environment, through our energy. We are energetic beings, vibrating and radiating out a personal energetic signature...

Generating this kind of energy requires that we feed the spirit that lives within all of us.  Our life energy gives birth to gratitude, happiness and well-being, life in free flow. We block its flow when we live in fear, doubt and anger.

Feeding your spirit can be done many ways: learn to meditate, read uplifting books, get energy bodywork such as Reiki or Polarity, use essential oils or flower essences...

Curious to find out if your energy centers, or chakras, are open and ready to receive and radiate?

Come by and visit after October 15th, I will be adding chakra healing sessions to the Satya Wellness office visits line-up.

In the meantime, walk barefoot in the grass while there is still time, run along the sand at the beach, cold temperatures are coming fast...

Connect with your environment, breathe and smile at what life has to offer... all that is enhancing your inner energy and feeds your spirit! Live in the flow!

Christine Cronin, PhD, HHP, Reiki Master Teacher