To cleanse or not to cleanse?

October 8, 2014

The question is: Should you cleanse? And why?

The answer very often is yes, and the reason is simple.

We are all exposed daily to a wide variety of toxins. Some of them can be dealt with quite easily by the body, and some cannot… Toxins come in with your flame-retardant sprayed furniture, the car exhaust you smell on your morning walk, the additives to your food and water or that expensive perfume you got for Mother’s day to name just a few… Did you know that there are 80,000 chemicals in use in the USA? Quite a few of these contribute to your total toxic load and some of these toxins can live in your system for decades! Mothers also pass over 80% of their toxic load to their unborn child…

It is a great idea to support the body in eliminating these toxins. But…not all detox programs are created equal!

Think of it as cleaning your house: you dust and mop, polish the furniture and shake the rugs, collect the garbage but all the windows and doors are hermetically shut. Where will it go? You can always move the kitchen trash into the bathroom for a little while, or stuff it in a cabinet so you don’t have to look at it…but long-term, it will not be very helpful!

At Satya Wellness, we recommend the Opening Channels Program as a foundation program for cleansing, detoxifying and healing.

The Opening Channels Program is very effective at opening the channels of elimination, gently, so toxicity can find its way out safely. It is the door and window opener!

The Opening Channels with Fields of Flowers contains the following:

Fields of Flowers: for emotional balancing (we detox emotions as well).

AminoGest: a high quality protein source for cellular repair.

ReHydration: a homeopathic remedy to support cellular hydration.

SpectraMin: a concentrated, naturally occurring liquid ionic trace mineral supplement.

Colon Clear: a gentle herbal cleanser for the colon.

Pure Body Clear: herbal support for the de-congestion of the liver, kidneys, lymph, and spleen.                                                                                                                                

Flora Synergy: a probiotic with prebiotic.

Catalyst 7: a full spectrum of digestive enzymes with 7 digestive herbs.

We never recommend doing any program without first getting proper advice, so please contact us any time with any questions. Programs will be modified for clients experiencing loose bowels and who have digestive issues. We always customize it in accordance with your particular sensitivities. Pregnant and lactating moms should not be cleansing.

What’s next?

Every body is different, but the most common comment is how good someone feels even after a short time. Bowels function more efficiently, without creating discomfort or pain. Energy is increased and your skin may start to look healthier. A proper intake of water is also key during that phase and your body will thank you for that! Sometimes the changes are more subtle, but rest assured that toxic substances are on the way out!

So, whether you decide to do this as a twice-yearly maintenance program to support your wellness goals, or as a first step toward a more in-depth approach to your health, there is a place in everyone’s health regimen for this program.

Contact us for more details and to order it.

Christine Cronin   Satya Wellness Holistic Wellness, where we empower you to remember that great health is an inside job.

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