Tired of the weight battle? Deal with it the healthy way.

March 26, 2014

At this season, even more than at the start of a new year, everyone is looking for a quick fix before heading to the Mall to get that brand-new bathing suit… Does this resonate with you? Been there before?

Publicity abounds for the latest miracle fix…. drink this, eat that, reduce your food intake to 3 lettuce leaves and no fat, the 10 foods not to eat for belly fat….you get my drift!

Promises of all your pounds gone if you only follow the not-always-sane advice, exercise more, weigh and measure your food, then exercise some more!

And all of them work……..for a little while.

Some pounds melt off, only to rebound worse than ever with just one little extra no one is telling you about: you have just dealt another blow to an already overtaxed metabolism and by now, it has just about given up and is storing everything as fat for these sure-to-come days when you feed you body a paltry, inadequate food intake again.

The weight see-saw has been going on for years, up a few, down a few…Maybe it is time to find a new and better solution. One that you can live with, that delivers once and for all, and one that increases your health… Get on a real, life-long diet…

D  Did


E  Eat

T  Today?

Resetting your metabolism to a healthy, effective level can be achieved. The goal is to turn it back into that efficient furnace it was designed to be.

Think of it as a real fire: would you rather have a bright, hot fire that burns the wood to ashes, or a wet and soppy fire that barely smolders?

Time to build that roaring fire that will effectively burn though the excess fat, provides you with the energy you need, and leaves you feeling radiant, healthy and happy when you pass by a mirror. Time to love your food again and make it work for you instead of against you, and leave the guilt behind!

We are not so much into quick fixes at Satya Wellness….but if your goal is to achieve the look and weight you desire eating real foods, (and lots of it) and in a healthful manner, come on in and we can help!

We offer a 30 minute complimentary consultation to see if this is something you can commit to. So call today and make the decision to get healthy and fit, for good!

Available in person in the Danvers area, or anywhere on the phone or Skype.

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