New Year...... New YOU!

January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!

The start of a new year is always filled with great promise; it is the time we chose to start fresh, to wipe the slate clean and start a whole new drawing! Like the Etch-A-Sketch of our childhood, we have a clean canvas.We make promises to ourselves: “This year, I will keep my resolutions. I will ….(fill in the blank)…every day and be happy forever!”

If age has taught me anything at all, it is that any change requires more than a New Year’s Eve promise to become an ingrained habit.

Change requires commitment, of course, but mostly, change requires taking responsibility and action. It takes follow-up and daily check-ins to stay on the right road; it takes a renewed commitment at every turn, when faced with the possibility of an easier path or a less-than-healthy choice. Change takes time and today’s success builds on yesterday’s success, however small, and together they eventually amount to a real shift.

Most New Year resolutions revolve around weight, or more precisely weight loss. It is a national obsession and, starting on January 1st every year, everyone is on a diet! By February 2nd, most resolutions have faded and are conveniently forgotten… We know that diets do not work. A study published in the Journal of the American Psychology Association states:

“Diets do not lead to sustained weight loss or health benefits for the majority of people.”

There is something fundamentally flawed with the dieting process, teaching the body that feeling deprived is a normal state, thereby encouraging the storing of fat for the next “famine”.

Learning WHAT to eat and WHY is more important than going on any diet. Food is the fuel of life…would you fill your car with the wrong fuel? It is time to make changes that are sustainable on the long term, bring results and optimize the way your body works. When given the proper nutrition, the body normalizes and weight stabilizes naturally.

A great way to start is to go on a gentle, cleansing and detoxing period of a few weeks to give your body and your digestive system a real vacation!

  Cleansing is an ancient ritual, a tradition thousands of years old that spans all cultures. In our modern life, we are exposed to many environmental      toxins every day: pollution, chemicals, pesticides and dyes in our food, our water and the air we breathe. Cleansing will help rid the body of these unwanted elements in a safe and gentle manner and restore good digestion. In Ayurveda, all health is traced back to the digestive system. If the digestion does not work optimally, disease appears. A food-based cleanse is a great way to reset the digestion while eating beautiful, live foods and   not feel deprived. During a cleanse, you celebrate food and eat…this is not a fast!

Do you feel sluggish, have difficulty concentrating, suffer from unexplained headaches, carry too much weight and have a general feeling of being unwell? Then this program is for you!

In the program “4 Weeks to a New You”, you will be taken through 4 weeks of clean eating, progressively eliminating common allergenic foods to allow your digestive system to rest for a little while. The easy-to-follow program contains 4 CD’s, one for each week, explaining in detail the procedure to follow, giving tips and practical advice as well as recipes to make the journey easier to complete and more enjoyable.

You can track your progress as the weeks go on, charting your exercise routine and maintaining a weekly journal to keep you motivated. The course also contains a weekly health tip that will help you feel your best, during the process and beyond.

What can you expect after 4 weeks?

Some of the most common results are:  (and the list is not exhaustive)

♥    Increased energy
♥    Weight loss
♥    Less aches and pains
♥    Better sleep
♥    Glowing skin
♥    Improved mental focus and less foggy feeling
♥    Less allergies
♥    No more headaches
♥    Better digestion
♥    General awareness around food and its benefits on the body

Increased energy, weight loss, less aches and pains, better sleep, glowing skin, better focus and less foggy feeling, less allergies, no more headaches, better digestion, general awareness around food and its benefits on the body.

Some have noticed after a few weeks that they felt much better when eating less or no gluten or eliminating most added sugar. Every body is different and results vary from individual to individual.

So go ahead, take action today to make changes in your wellness routine…

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” Martin Luther King Jr.

The program is available to PURCHASE HERE or by contacting or calling 978 430 6122

You can also contact me for personalized nutrition programs and holistic life and wellness coaching.  Remember: It’s your life…be ALIVE in it!