Easter sugar overload?

April 10, 2012

If you find yourself wishing you had eaten one less chocolate egg this Easter season, I am sure you are not alone!

The last few weeks have been a sugar fest for adults and children alike, and the most obvious results are a lack of concentration, poor sleep, sluggish digestion and a weakened immune system.

It is time to go on a spring cleaning mission and eliminate the sweet left-overs! One of the tastiest ways to do that is to embrace a few days of juicing.

It is simple to do, it tastes fantastic and your cells are already smiling just thinking about all this goodness coming in!

You need very few things: a good quality juicer is a must, veggies and fruits – preferably organic – and a few add-ons like an avocado or nuts which will not go through the juicer.

For the rest, let your imagination take flight…I love to make my juices mainly vegetables, with a little fruit added in for sweetness. Lunch today was celery, carrots, zucchini, parsley, ginger, cucumber, an apple, a pear and one peeled lemon. Adding beets is fun, colorful and very tasty.

For a little twist, pour the juice in a Vitamix or similar mixer, add an avocado and a few nuts. It will become a creamy concoction that replaces lunch without leaving you feeling like you missed anything.

Do this consistently for a week, instead of lunch. You will feel energized, lighter in body and mind, and your cells will do a happy dance!