What are your beaver dams?

May 16, 2014

What are your beaver dams?

I realize, as the months go by, that there are a lot of questions about the bio-energetic assessments I provide in my office. So here is how it works:

Do you ever bring your car in to the dealership?

Maybe it is for a scheduled tune-up or maybe it is because something is making a weird noise, or just not working well. Almost all cars these days get hooked up to a computer scanning their system and giving the mechanic information about the state of the engine and the general functioning of the car.

It is an assessment tool he uses to determine the best course of action.

The mechanic, in agreement with his client, will then decide what to do: change the oil, fix a hose or a belt, or even something more extensive like brakes or the radiator. Methods and cost are discussed ahead of time.

The work the mechanic did with the computer was a gathering of information, not a solution. The car owner has a choice: to get the work done, or drive off without addressing it.

All of this applies to bio-energetic assessments.

My EAV device helps me gather information about the energetic state of the body. Our body is a flow system (blood, lymph and energy) and just like a river, it should be flowing freely for optimal health.

When the beavers build a dam on the river, the flow slows down…and that can spell trouble. Beaver dams in the body can be created by stress, poor nutrition, toxic overload, just about a hundred different reasons, as no-body is identical. They can cause trouble: deep fatigue, allergies, migraines, extra weight, anxiety and depression, and many more…..

A bio-energetic assessment helps me find your beaver dams….

Once we have found an energetic blockage, there are many ways to help the body get back into a state of homeostasis: customized remedies, nutritional adjustments, supplements, essential oils, lifestyle practices… the list is long and varied and there is no one-size-fit-all.

Just like the mechanic, I come up with a plan of action.

I create a wellness plan, design a road map with my best recommendations, and, as my client’s tour guide, I show them the sights. They are in charge of stopping where they feel comfortable on the map, or even decide that this is where they want to go, and commit to get to the destination.

Whether close or far the destination, I consider it a privilege to share the road with my clients for a while. The journey is theirs, but I get to cheer from the sidelines and make sure they stay on the right road.

As a comic book I used to read as a child stated on its cover: suitable from 2 to 92!

All ages welcome at Satya Wellness. Beavers do not discriminate and dams can be found in every body.

Where are YOUR dams?

It is my passion to help you remember that health IS an inside job! See you in the office…