A new mix of ingredients, calories and confusion!

June 14, 2011

Today, something interesting happened…
A good friend of mine was raving about a smoothie she purchased in town because it tasted good and “has only 230 calories”.

When I asked her what was in the smoothie, she was not sure. So I went to the website of the business she had purchased it from, looked and found…….nothing!
Just smoothie names, but no ingredients. Upon further digging, it turns out they are promoting a specific product which is a component of their shake.  After carefully researching the company’s website, I still cannot find the shake’s ingredients. It must be a well guarded secret!

So, what is my point? I am sure that her smoothie was fine, tasted delicious, and was probably not loaded with any harmful chemicals, but it made me think.
Health is a daily choice. It is a journey, never a destination…It is a meal after meal decision, some better than others, no doubt, but we never arrive at a state of great health, we keep striving for it.

What is the most important element to health? Calories or ingredients? Organic or conventionally grown? Meat or vegetarian? Wheat based or gluten free?

And the answer is: It depends!

Calories are somewhat confusing…aspartame contains no calories, but has been proven to cause or worsen brain tumors, diabetes, fibromyalgia to name just a few.
Avocados are among the healthiest food on earth, containing essential fats for our body, but their caloric content is rather high.

There is no need to buy everything organic, some fruit and vegetables are perfectly safe while conventionally grown, while some others are really not.
Organic meat? Serve me some! Conventional eggs or chicken? Thank you, I’ll pass….

How to sort out the right from the wrong, the best from worst in this mass of conflicting advice?
Knowledge is power!
Once we have learned something, it is difficult to plead ignorance!
Life is made of choices, some good, some maybe not so good. But we have the privilege to be able to make an informed choice. Exercise your right! And be happy with the choice you made, regret and guilt will not make it any healthier. We all have some delicious poisons of choice!
As my teacher, Dr David Simon said, life is made of 2 choices: Yum or Yuck!
I would love to claim that most of my choices are in the Yum category, but I must admit that a few are definitely on the Yuck side… Life is an experiment in progress.

I posted favorite smoothie recipes in my newsletter yesterday. Check them out!

Be well!